Railworks.com Train Simulator 2013 Ripoff

Dayton, Ohio 1 comment

I purchased this download for almost $50.00 and it worked ok for the first day then after that I couldn't access the game through the Internet.Steamworks.com is the host service and they control the game.

I thought when I bought this that I could play it any time I wanted...not true. This is a United Kingdom company and I should have known better...now I am out the fifty and really pissed off.

Do not ever download anything from a foreign country and pay for it!I Googled for a good train sim and this one had a good rating...I surely don't understand that BS.

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I have used Railworks since it first came out and it has always worked fine for me. I think the person posting the first comment should have contacted steam support to get help with his issues, that is certainly what I would have done. That it is not working for him could be something else happening there entirely and nothing to do with Steam or Railworks.

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